Spiritual Life Basics

Level: BasicNumber of Lessons: 5Avg. Length: 20 Min.Time Required: 5 Hours MinimumCourse Code: SF104
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The New Testament challenges each of us to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18). What does this mean and how do we do this?

The Spiritual Life Basics course begins with explaining how to know for sure that you have eternal life through Jesus Christ. Then you learn how to develop and grow in your relationship with Jesus through reading the Bible, learning how to talk to God in prayer, and the importance of being part of a community of believers and sharing your faith in Jesus with other people. Begin growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ today.


  1. Explain the motivation for spiritual growth and understand the relationship of prayer, Bible study, fellowship, and witnessing.
  2. Understand how to prioritize and cultivate meaningful devotional time.
  3. Explain how to enhance one’s own prayer life and explain how Jesus Christ made prayer a priority.
  4. Explain why church involvement is important and understand the benefits and responsibilities of church involvement.
  5. Understand techniques for sharing a personal testimony of coming to Christ and explaining the gospel to someone.
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