Spiritual Life Basics

In this course, you learn how to speak to God in prayer, and you learn the importance of belonging to a community of believers and sharing your faith with others.

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The New Testament challenges each of us to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18). What does this mean and how do we do this?

The Spiritual Life Basics course begins with explaining how to know for sure that you have eternal life through Jesus Christ. Then you learn how to develop and grow in your relationship with Jesus through reading the Bible, learning how to talk to God in prayer, and the importance of being part of a community of believers and sharing your faith in Jesus with other people. Begin growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ today.


Leader's Guide
  1. Explain the motivation for spiritual growth and understand the relationship of prayer, Bible study, fellowship, and witnessing.
  2. Understand how to prioritize and cultivate meaningful devotional time.
  3. Explain how to enhance one’s own prayer life and explain how Jesus Christ made prayer a priority.
  4. Explain why church involvement is important and understand the benefits and responsibilities of church involvement.
  5. Understand techniques for sharing a personal testimony of coming to Christ and explaining the gospel to someone.
  • Course was easy to follow. Really an eye-opener. I feel more confident in witnessing to others.

    — Cynthia, United States (US)
  • Good baseline course to understand the Christian spiritual life. It encourages application of principles and I think that will contribute to more learning and stronger spiritual growth. The course can definitely be good for the brand new believer as well as the seasoned believer who may not have established regular spiritual practices. I enjoyed the course.

    — Jeri, United States (US)
  • Excellent basic course that is clear and concise. Lots of wonderful information that is easy to follow and apply. I would highly recommend this course.

    — Helen, United States (US)
  • I was looking for a Christian Ministry course that would be based solely on the Bible without being swayed to lean on denominational doctrines. I just wanted to learn what the Bible says, and this course was wonderful. I recommend this course for all believers, as a refresher for mature Christians to be reminded on our foundation in Christ, as well as for new believers.

    — Kristine, Canada
  • Another excellent course!!!

    — Patrick, United States (US)
  • I've been a believer a long time so thought this course might be not applicable, but the lesson on prayer had me crying several times, so I guess that means I needed to do it!

    — Lily, Canada
  • Very structured and simple way for easy grasp of the content.

    — Samuel Anand Kumar, Canada
  • Just what I needed to understand the basics

    — Hazel, United States (US)
  • I have been walking with Jesus since 1995 and I still found this to be a new learning experience for me when it comes to The Romans Road.

    — Michael, United States (US)
  • I appreciated the encouragement to practically use the disciplines learned in this course.

    — Adam, United States (US)
  • This lesson is empowering. It helps me learn and realized again how God's love for me is His overflowing love and grace. That through Jesus' sacrifice at the cross I am saved and with that love, it overflows in me to share this good news of salvation

    — Elizabeth, United States (US)
  • This is a very good course, although these are basics, it's very good to review fundamentals from time to time. The course has encouraged me to schedule my time for a closer walk with the Lord.

    — John, United States (US)
  • I got more out of this course than I expected to. Although it is a "basic" course, it is not simply information that I have heard over and over. There was much to consider and grow from.

    — Stacy, United States (US)
  • Very good, well developed, and delivered course. Thank you!

    — Pedro, United States (US)
  • Very good course for learning some basic truths on how things interact and support each other. The speaker was clear and concise and his way of speaking caught and held my interest and attention.

    — Edward, United States (US)
  • The course helped me to dig deeper and re-commit to doing the necessary work to keep me growing and to help others do the same by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

    — Cynthia, United States (US)
  • Thought provoking. A natural progression of knowledge leading to deep spirituality.

    — Cheryl, New Zealand
  • The course helped me a lot to organize my ideas, to recognize and give value to the gifts of the Spirit. I would strongly recommend this course.

    — Maria, United States (US)
  • Outstanding course. Very understandable material and interesting. All Christians would do well to take this course before beginning their witness to others in service to God.

    — James, United States (US)
  • Very interesting and thought provoking.

    — Terri, United States (US)
  • I'm so glad I found this. The lesson s have given me valuable insight and truly given me a greater desire to learn and share even more about the Lord.

    — Tonya, United States (US)
  • It was great. Taking this course will help me with having a better relationship with God, the Bible and people around me.

    — Manuel, United States (US)
  • It was great. Taking this course will help me with having a better relationship with God, the Bible and people around me.

    — Manuel, United States (US)
  • The course was understandable and interesting.

    — John, United States (US)
  • The accent of the lecturer was difficult for me to understand.

    — D, United States (US)
  • The course material gave me tools to help me grow more effectively in my spiritual life in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Most helpful was learning how to have a regular devotional time that included prayer and Bible reading for understanding and application. I also learned the importance of being a part of the community of believers, both the invisible and the visible church. And I learned ways to share my faith.

    — Robin, United States (US)
  • I enjoyed the course and was surprised by how much I gained in the way of a deeper insight and new skills to take forward on my journey, well worth the time taken. On looking where I went wrong in assessments I learned I need to read the questions more carefully as I made silly mistakes which could have been avoided if I had spent more time making sure I understood what was being asked.

    — Judy, New Zealand
  • Excellent course and simple to use, understand, and apply the Romans Road gospel presentation.

    — Lawrence, United States (US)
  • The speaker was very thorough and deliberate in his lecture, easy to listen to.

    — David, United States (US)
  • Truly enjoyed getting involved with a spiritual course study. Thank you!

    — Sheryl, United States (US)
  • Very good set of lessons that helps one understand about what it means to be a believer. This strengthens a person in the aspect of having a good foundation in their godly lifestyle.

    — Laurence gae, Philippines
  • I was so impressed with the curriculum! It got me thinking in new ways, which was very good for me. I look forward to taking more courses from ODBU.

    — Kristina, Canada
  • This course was so very incredibly helpful!!!! My favorite was the second week on Bible study. Everything was explained very clearly and in detail. I was greatly blessed by the opportunity to take this course!!!!! Thank you so very much!!!!!

    — Hannah, United States (US)
  • This course, overall, is definitely something that I can recommend to people doing our Alpha courses, plus the content gave me fresh insight into how to share better with participants in each new round of the course that my wife and I run.

    — Adam, United Kingdom (UK)
  • Thank you for making this course and others available to assist in my spiritual growth. Your dedication to teaching the Word of God helps other to become better witnesses of the Gospel of Christ and equipping us to effectively minister to others.

    — Deanna E, United States (US)
  • It was simple and easy to understand.

    — Hyelakumi, Nigeria
  • I loved the course and how it was structured. The lectures were all clear and the resources enabled me to develop my learning further. I will be sharing this course with my church and encouraging others to do the course.  

    — Joan, Jamaica
  • Very well-organized course that would keep you engaged and make you think about how you are applying the Gospel to your life.

    — Bruce, United States (US)
  • It was well thought out and easy to follow through. I liked the idea of the listening guide, it was useful for comprehension.  

    — Mlaku, Nigeria
  • A great beginner's coarse to start the process of walking in the faith of Jesus Christ.  

    — Angelique, United States (US)
  • The best thing about this course was the coached portion of the course with Junior Wagaba as the leader and the weekly meetings with the Coached Group. The course time actually took longer than what was listed on the screen and that was ok as I learned a lot of new things from participating in this Pilot course. Thank you for letting me join this group and participating in this course! I'd like to participate in the future if other opportunities arise. I am limited on budget, so it was a blessing to be able to join for free!

    — Sherry, United States (US)
  • I would have liked to have seen a longer interaction time on the coached videos and more in-depth discussion on the points of each lesson.

    — Laura, United States (US)
  • This is a great course for new believers.

    — Peter, United States (US)
  • This course is a great tool for new Christians to learn some of the foundational basics of Christian Life. It is also a great reminder of the basics for those of us who may have "grown past" these simple but necessary practices.

    — Jamie, United States (US)
  • [Course material] Regarding the lectures, I found it slightly challenging to listen to the speaker even with the captions on, as I had to replay the videos a few times.  This might discourage some students from continuing with the course.  However, it ultimately depends on their attitude and determination. [Spiritual Journey during the course] My main goal for attending this course was to strengthen my faith, rebuild my fellowship with God, and cultivate my Bible reading habits. Throughout the course, I was reminded of my past journey with God and how He rescued me during difficult times. I realized that I have been an isolated Christian due to my private nature and discomfort with sharing my personal matters with others, especially those who gossip. The course has come to an end and has been a valuable experience for me. I am still struggling with anxiety in my problems and haven't seen any changes in my current situation from God yet. However, one important thing I have gained is a stronger relationship with God, and I must not give up my hope, despite the challenges I am facing. I will not let myself be discouraged by people or circumstances surrounding me, as I know that God never leaves me. Isaiah 41:10 "So do not fear, for I am with you; Do not be dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."

    — Fung, New Zealand
  • I liked the way basic concepts were presented. The projects challenged my thought process and personal commitment. I would have liked to be part of a small discussion group.

    — CAROLYNN, United States (US)
  • A very good fundamental course of spiritual formation to prepare new believers for their journeys with the Lord. At the same time, it is also a good review and reminder for seasoned Christians about how to get closer to our Lord in our daily walk and be a witness of Jesus Christ to the world.

    — Shu C, United States (US)
  • A very clear presentation of Bible study, prayer, involvement with church, and witnessing.

    — Matthew, United States (US)
  • The focus on personal spiritual growth in a comprehensive introduction and overview is a great and much needed resource. I found it to be a blessing to review and refresh -- and to reconsider where I am now in my relationship with God, do a sober self assessment consistent with Romans 12, and revive my witness carried out in love through the power of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for the opportunity to participate with these dynamic followers of Jesus and the real world. What a blessing. Thank you ODB, and thank you, Lord!

    — Matthew, United States (US)
  • Very helpful in my spiritual journey

    — Ora, United States (US)

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