Union with Christ

Level: BasicNumber of Lessons: 4Avg. Length: 9 Min.Time Required: 2 Hours MinimumCourse Code: SF130
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Discover what it means to have been made alive with Christ! In this course, Dr. Constantine R. Campbell will walk you through an examination of the biblical doctrine and spiritual reality of union with Christ and the importance of understanding this concept. Grasping the profound nature of what it means to be united with Christ will help you understand how God makes you right with Himself, how He blesses you, and how you are to live as a result of these glorious truths.


  • Articulate the concept of union with Christ and the fundamental importance of understanding it.
  • Identify, define, and characterize the four key terms associated with union with Christ.
  • Use several key passages from Ephesians to explain specific aspects of your union with Christ.
  • Use Romans 6 to explain how union with Christ changes your spiritual identity.
  • Describe how we are to live with other Christians using the body of Christ metaphor.
Constantine R. Campbell, PhD
  • Macquarie University, PhD
  • Moore Theological College, BD
  • Canberra School of Music, Australian National University, AdvDipJazz

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