Building Your Theology

This course will help you learn to build your theology on the certain foundation of the Scriptures, but also with pathos and practical application.


Does theology sometimes seem complicated, dry and abstract to your It shouldn’t be that way, if it is done properly. This course will help you learn to build your theology on the certain foundation of the Scriptures, but also with pathos and practical application. As an introduction to theology, this course teaches the purpose and importance of doing theology, the different sources of revelation, the meaning of inspiration, the proper interpretation of Scripture, and the key distinctive emphases of reformed theology.

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  1. Develop a new love for theology and become excited about doing theology that flows from the Scriptures and changes the student’s heart and life.
  2. Understand the proper nature and purpose of theology.
  3. Make changes in his/her life as a response to the teachings of this course. It should change the way the student does theology and help him/her analyze contemporary theological expressions.
  • The videos were really long and often rambling. The quizzes were very hard, especially with the multiple part answers. If one part was wrong, the whole question was wrong. I was hoping to be able to use what I learned to understand what I believed, to be able to build my theology, with this course but I don't feel like I gained any of the tools I need to do that. I'm not really sure what this course is trying to teach. Also, if it is trying to teach to build one's own theology, it should not come at it from only one perspective, in this case Calvinism. I would hope for a more balanced theological approach, presenting from different sides and allowing the viewer to draw their own conclusions.  

    — Sarah, United States (US)
  • The note regarding the discussion video states, "If you are struggling to understand any portion of the lesson or if you would simply like to deepen your understanding of the subject, this video will be helpful." Viewing the discussion video (questions and answers video with Dr. Pratt) will help you in correctly answering some of questions on the lesson quizzes as they are not discussed on the main lecture video, but are answered on the discussion video.

    — Horace, United States (US)
  • Loved this course. The Theology courses have taken me to the next level of learning the Word of God.

    — Cynthia, United States (US)
  • I really enjoyed this course. Although I’ve been studying the Bible and theology for 30+ years, the course was challenging and I still learned some things I previously did not know. I especially enjoyed learning from professors and pastors from around the world.

    — Everett, United States (US)
  • Content excellent

    — Donald, United States (US)

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  • 4 Lessons
  • 13 Activities
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