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Apologetics Basics is designed to provide a foundational understanding of what Christian Apologetics is and why it is important to practice. According to 1 Peter 3:15, all believers are called to defend the faith they hold dear. This course will examine that call and seek to provide basic answers to the major questions that are commonly raised against the Christian faith.

  1. To gain a basic understanding of the study of Christian apologetics and its importance in a believer’s life.
  2. To formulate a foundational answer to the most common questions asked of the Christian faith related to God’s existence, the Bible, and core Christian beliefs.
  • My neutrality on recommendation is based my introvert personality. I think this course is very helpful and I will definitely recommend to some family or…

    — Kirby, China
  • The method of teaching in this course is very beneficial. Being able to hear and read the lecture to me is a very good teaching…

    — Anthony, United States (US)
  • A wonderful course. A lot of my questions were answered.  

    — Everett, United States (US)
  • Very good. I enjoyed this introductory course. It put concepts in context well.

    — Veda, United States (US)
  • Good length, information, presentation, and test format.

    — Chantra, United States (US)
  • Even though this is just the basics, it has provided meaningful material to assist in my growth to better be able to defend the Christian…

    — Kevin, United States (US)
  • A great course that has given me much food for thought.

    — John, United Kingdom (UK)
  • One of the best biblical courses I have ever taken. I will continue to use this platform, as long as I can. And continue to…

    — Reed, United States (US)
  • I absolutely love this course, I can’t believe I didn’t know most of what was taught in this course. I cannot wait to start my…

    — Miriam, United States (US)
  • Very helpful for witnessing

    — Stephen, United States (US)
  • The course content was interesting and provided some valuable information about the proof of the Bible and the history of its origin.

    — Suzanne helen, Australia
  • The course is very interesting and very detailed. I learned things that I never would have even questioned. But I have gotten questions from others…

    — Priscilla, United States (US)
  • This was a very good course that has stimulated my learning.

    — Sharon, United States (US)
  • I have learned a lot of things not being taught in regular Sunday schools and Bible studies. I find excitement while doing the lessons. Thanks…

    — Julia, Canada
  • It was good.

    — Joshua, United States (US)
  • This course was very informative.

    — Shelby, United States (US)
  • Loved all of it, very refreshing and meaningful.

    — Mark, United States (US)
  • This course was clear and well presented, and helped me see the subjects addressed by apologetics and where I need further study.

    — Kathryn, United States (US)
  • The course content was great, but the teacher talk fast, maybe a slower pace would allow for more information to be absorbed!

    — Jay, United States (US)
  • An interesting couse for a high school student level. I have a BA in Religious Education and found the couse excellent as a refresher course.…

    — Brian, South Korea
  • I am really enjoying this and seeing a lot of it when I go to church.

    — Lacey, United States (US)
  • Very interesting

    — Wagner, United States (US)
  • The course was informative, and I enjoyed it tremendously. I plan to take more courses.

    — Felicia, United States (US)
  • It challenges your belief and why you believe it.

    — Floyd, United States (US)
  • The content was a bit easy – the lecture was too long – and had no visuals. That made it harder to focus on retaining…

    — Sarah, United States (US)
  • I really enjoyed this course. It help me to understand how to defend the Bible in more depth.

    — Raphy, United States (US)
  • Very well done and written. Apologetics is in and of itself an intimidating word so it is important the lessons of introduction are not in…

    — I Regina, United States (US)
  • Very informative and fun way to learn.

    — Susan, Barbados
  • Very well put together, however the quiz questions in some of the lessons could have used some harder choices.

    — Stephen, Canada
  • This course was very interesting and informative. My new preacher was impressed with the content of material I was studying.

    — Penny, United States (US)
  • Accurate and thoughtful information.

    — R constantine, United States (US)
  • I enjoyed the course. I was impressed with the presentation. As a result, I gained a better understanding of how Apologetics works.

    — Austin, United States (US)
  • The material was presented in a very concise and easy to understand manner.

    — Cynthia, United States (US)
  • I loved the lectures. Excellent content!

    — Jessica, United States (US)
  • great study over all

    — Gary, United States (US)
  • I enjoyed this course and it was very informative. I have recommended it to some of my friends

    — Kevin, United States (US)
  • I was richly blessed by this course. Many thanks and God bless you all.

    — Josephine, Australia
  • Really enjoyed lectures.

    — Edward, United States (US)
  • Really liked this course. My favorite so far. Really liked the fine tuning part because I didn’t know any of that.

    — Doug, United States (US)
  • Very useful information, presented in an enjoyable format. Thank you.

    — Paul, United States (US)
  • Very informative

    — Alice, United States (US)
  • I learned a lot from the course. Some things I knew and some things I didn’t, but all in all very interesting and informative.

    — Eulalia, United States (US)
  • Amazing course that was easy to follow and very informative.

    — Jamie, United States (US)
  • For a basic course in Apologetics this was really good, well written and understandable

    — Mark, United Kingdom (UK)
  • It was a great introduction to the meaning of Apologetics and has helped arm me with responses to the difficult questions I receive on Christianity.

    — Mary, United States (US)
  • This course clarified and answered many questions that plagued me regarding Christ and the Bible.

    — Andrew, United States (US)
  • i very much enjoyed it. Course was easy to follow and easy to understand.

    — Melanie, United States (US)
  • Clear, concise, and condensed.

    — Jeffrey, United States (US)
  • I truly loved this course. It was concise & very interesting. I feel that, given enough review of this course material, I will be well…

    — Natasha, Canada
  • It was a good reinforcement of my beliefs. I can be more confident when sharing my faith.

    — Mark, United States (US)

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