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Christian Philosophy of Education Requirement

Start your ACSI Christian Philosophy of Education journey in 3 easy steps!

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  2. Click on “Dashboard” from the home screen and scroll down to find a link to the Christian Philosophy of Education courses.
  3. Click the link and choose “Enroll Me”

That’s it! You can begin taking the two courses that make up the Christian Philosophy of Education Requirement: *Christian Philosophy of Education and Biblical Integration.

One core value of ACSI is to have teachers who are equipped to integrate Scripture, model Christlike values, and be prepared to answer students’ questions from a solid foundation of scriptural principles. Teachers bring the truth of God’s Word into the study of all subject areas and help students find their way in a world that seems confusing or even conflicting at times. Some teachers have the added responsibility of helping to shape curriculum, guide students with loving discipline, and lead them to a saving knowledge of Jesus.

For all these reasons, teachers need to understand students and the place of faith in Christian education as well as how to integrate biblical truth into the overall curriculum planning and daily instruction. One way to accomplish that is to read, study, and develop a Christian Philosophy of Education (CPoE).


Excellent course for beginning and returning Christian School educators. Thanks for the succinct and timely information shared in this course. Dr. Black, you are a wonderful instructor! — Robert

I found the course to be excellent. Dr. Black’s lectures were so helpful and practical. I looked forward to watching them. The book I chose to read in conjunction with the course was By Design. I made a point of doing all the activities in Dr. MacCullough’s book, and it was quite rigorous. This course caused me to do some deep thinking about my philosophy of education, and I really appreciate that. Thank You! — Debra

Christian Education Type
Christian Philosophy of Education (syllabus) Biblical
Biblical Integration (syllabus) Biblical

Written assignments completed in the CPoE Requirement will need to be reviewed and signed off on by your school administrator (administrators should submit their materials to the school board chairman or the pastor of their church or school). If you are not currently employed in a Christian school, ACSI has made provisions for you to have a pastor (or a Christian school administrator that you know) sign off on your work.

*Please note that you cannot find these two courses in the “All course” list, as they are exclusively for you.

Approved Bible CEUs

We provide over 70 courses to earn your CEU credits covering multiple biblical categories. Below you will find a list of all the courses and the number of CEUs award upon successful completion. To have a printable version of this list, please click here (PDF).


Christian Apologetics CEU Type
Be Prepared to Give an Answer 7.33 Biblical
Ten Reasons to Believe in the Christian Faith 0.75 Biblical
Ten Reasons to Believe God Became a Man 0.8 Biblical
Ten Reasons to Believe in the Existence of God 0.85 Biblical
Ten Reasons to Believe in Life After Death 0.82 Biblical
Ten Reasons to Believe Real Christians Can Look Like They’re Not 0.85 Biblical
Ten Reasons to Believe in the Resurrection 1.12 Biblical
Ten Reasons to Believe in Christ Rather than Religion 0.78 Biblical
Ten Reasons to Believe in the Bible 0.78 Biblical
The Da Vinci Code – Separating Fact From Fiction 1.7 Biblical
The Miracles of Jesus 1.03 Biblical
Ten Reasons to Believe in a God Who Allows Suffering 1.2 Biblical
We Believe in God 7.5 Biblical
We Believe in the Holy Spirit 9 Biblical
Hermeneutics CEU Type
What the Bible Is All About 6 Biblical
He Gave Us Scripture: Foundations of Interpretation 16.8 Biblical
Biblical Hermeneutics: Understanding Biblical Interpretation 12 Biblical
New Testament CEU Type
Reading the Book of Revelation 0.85 Biblical
The Beatitudes of Jesus 2.17 Biblical
The Many Faces of Paul 1.8 Biblical
New Testament Basics 8 Biblical
Life of Christ 6 Biblical
New Testament Basics: Things We Thought We Knew 0.65 Biblical
Matthew-Mark: Two Presentations of Jesus 1.17 Biblical
Luke–John: Two Interpretations of Jesus 1.05 Biblical
Jesus in Galilee – Popularity & Misunderstanding 1.25 Biblical
Luke–John: Jesus in Judea – Opposition & Rejection 0.75 Biblical
Acts: Crucifixion, Resurrection & Proclamation 1.6 Biblical
Galatians-1 Corinthians: Paul’s Earliest Letters 1.2 Biblical
1 & 2 Corinthians: Two Letters to a Tough Church 0.78 Biblical
Romans – Ephesians: The Letter to the Roman Church & Letters From a Roman Prison 1.27 Biblical
1 Timothy-Hebrews: Letters to Pastors & to a Church Struggling to Believe 0.73 Biblical
James-Jude: Letters to Everyone – General & Johannine Epistles 1.05 Biblical
Revelation: The Book of Revelation – The End & The Beginning 0.78 Biblical
Unlocking the Parables of Jesus 6.6 Biblical
Overview of Biblical Greek Grammar 1.8 Biblical
Kingdom and Covenant in the New Testament 6 Biblical
The Gospels 15 Biblical
The Book of Acts 7.42 Biblical
The Heart of Paul’s Theology 6 Biblical
Paul’s Prison Epistles 15 Biblical
The Epistle of James 4.5 Biblical
The Book of Hebrews 6 Biblical
The Book of Revelation 10.98 Biblical
New Testament Survey I: The Gospels/Life of Christ 28.98 Biblical
New Testament Survey II: Epistles/Revelation 28.98 Biblical
Old Testament CEU Type
Genocide in the Old Testament 1.8 Biblical
Reading the Psalms 0.87 Biblical
Reading the Proverbs 1.05 Biblical
Old Testament Basics 7.42 Biblical
Genesis-Leviticus: God Builds a People For Himself 1.33 Biblical
Numbers-Joshua: The Tragedy of Fear and the Glory of Faith 1.25 Biblical
Judges-1 Samuel: Israel’s Choice From God-Rule to Human-Rule 0.9 Biblical
2 Samuel-2 Kings: The Difference Leaders Make 1.8 Biblical
1 Chronicles-Nehemiah: Grace Greater Than a Nation’s Sins 1.35 Biblical
Lamentations-Job: God’s Path Through Pain 0.93 Biblical
Proverbs-Psalms: Singing the Sounds of Real Life 1.36 Biblical
Daniel-Micah: Studies of Integrity – Good Men in Bad Times 0.9 Biblical
Ecclesiastes-Isaiah: God Guides His People Through Poets and Prophets 0.9 Biblical
Jeremiah-Ezekiel: Human Failure and Divine Success – A Study in Contrast 1.35 Biblical
Jonah-Habakkuk: The God of Israel and the God of the Nations 1.12 Biblical
Haggai-Malachi: No Substitute for Obedience 0.9 Biblical
Kingdom, Covenants, and Canon of the Old Testament 9 Biblical
He Gave Us Prophets 11 Biblical
The Primeval History 6 Biblical
Father Abraham 5.76 Biblical
The Pentateuch: Genesis-Deuteronomy 15 Biblical
The Book of Joshua 9 Biblical
Old Testament Theology I: Pentateuch and Former Prophets 28.98 Biblical
Old Testament Theology II: Latter Prophets & Writings 29.22 Biblical
Spiritual Formation CEU Type
Bible Basics 1.5 Biblical
Prayer Basics 4 Biblical
Spiritual Theology CEU Type
Building Biblical Theology 6 Biblical
Building Your Theology 6 Biblical
Building Systematic Theology 9 Biblical
We Believe in Jesus 16.5 Biblical
What is Man? The Doctrine of Man 9 Biblical
Your Kingdom Come: The Doctrine of Eschatology 9 Biblical
The Apostles’ Creed 12 Biblical
Foundations of Systematic Theology 24 Biblical
Introduction to Theology 12 Biblical
Worldview and Ethics CEU Type
Making Biblical Decisions 18 Biblical