Organizational Administration for Nonprofit Correctional Ministries

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Level: AdvancedNumber of Lessons: 24Avg. Length: 25 Min.Time Required: 24 Hours MinimumCourse Code: CM406
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This course provides an overview of the principles and practices for leading and managing a not-for-profit organization. Topics introduced will include leadership, ethics, strategic planning, operating policies, board governance, human relations, marketing, fundraising, financial management, collaborative partnerships, and program evaluation as they relate to non-profit correctional organizations. Each topic is approached from a Biblical perspective.


  1. Develop a survey understanding of the administrative competencies required for leading a not-for-profit organization in correctional ministry.
  2. Evaluate operations in your current organization in light of the principles and practices presented in the course.
  3. Apply course topical principles in key areas of your current organization.
  4. Integrate biblical principles into your leadership and management relations.
  5. Develop a manual to increase a ministry’s effectiveness or sustainability.
Karen Swanson, EdD
  • Northern Illinois University, EdD
  • Western Michigan University, MA
  • Calvin College, BS
  • Cornerstone University, BA

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Wendy Martin, PhD
  • University of Colorado, BS
  • University of Michigan, MBA
  • University of Illinois at Chicago, PhD

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Debbie Walsh, MPA
  • High Point University, MPA
  • Oral Roberts University, BA
  • Duke University, Certificate in Nonprofit Management

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